Rosati’s Chicago Style Pizza

Had a great experience eating pizza in Tucson recently. Years ago we lived in Chicago and fequented a Rosati’s pizzeria located in a northwest suburb there. We loved it then and we enjoyed the same great pizza last week at the Rosati’s at 6th and Campbell. Fairly busy intersection, but good parking behind the pizzeria. We encourage you to give it a try. Our favorite is thin and crispy crust, but they are all good, as is the cheese/garlic bread.

Jason’s Deli: tucson’s “safest” restaurant

If you are like me, you find yourself in the car with your spouse when all of a sudden like… You find yourself hungry. The conversation on my end always plays something like this:
Where would you like to eat?
How about (insert restaurant here)
No not there…
Ok. Where?
I don’t care.
Alright what about (insert restaurant here)
No I’m not in the mood for that.
You get the picture. My wife and have found that Jason’s deli on Broadway and Wilmot has dozens of menu items. And the best part is that we have tried many of them and have yet to find anything bad.
The next time you disagree on where to have a quick lunch… Jason’s is a safe bet.

Budget Dining on 6 Bucks

So we were sitting at work today contemplating lunch options when we finally agreed on Carl’s Jr. Off I trundled to my local burger Jr expecting to climb into a warm bodycast of delicious, what I got was more akin to a sucking chest wound of delicious… Everything on the menu started at 5 bucks. What was I to do?
Enter our hero: Taco Bell! Their 5 buck border boxes arm even the poorest homeless vagrant with 3 massive burritos and a soda to boot.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm thank you taco bell for my taco belly.